Novak Djokovic feels hurt when he believes he has been unfairly attacked

Novak Djokovic, the world number one, has confessed that he is wounded when he believes he is being unfairly targeted in the media, but he believes he is reflecting the proper ideals of fairness and truth.

Djokovic is regarded as one of the best tennis players of all time, although he is frequently chastised.

“I don’t read the news, neither on apps nor the printed versions nor have I watched the news on the TV for some years now,” Djokovic said, per Tennis Majors.

“However, due to my presence on social media, I am exposed to the content that is present in the media.

“I cannot say that I am not affected – I’m human, I have emotions, and of course I care…

“However much it means to me that I represent the right values, that I fight for justice and truth, in equal measure I care what people think about me.

“My life doesn’t depend on it of course, for I know who and what I am, but I try to live life in adherence to the right virtues.

“That I make mistakes, I absolutely do, but I get triggered by injustice and the spreading of lies”.

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Djokovic claims he is better at dealing with negativity now

Djokovic is irritated when he believes he is unfairly maligned, but he has stated that he would continue to battle for what he believes is right.

“It doesn’t get to me as much as before, as I am in some way used to it by now – in world media, as well as domestic…

“A propaganda campaign has formed, I am being dragged into everything based on things I (had) said in the past.

“The system of becoming informed has been sidetracked onto a path that is no longer the same as the one on which the basis of journalism was formed. Free journalism and information is less and less…

“More and more the control is in the hands of one or two sources, and thus propaganda is spread that suits the elites or a select group.

“All in all, for sure it affects me, but that will not prevent me from advocating for things that I deem to be right,” Djokovic added.

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