Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis star, has made headlines this year for a variety of reasons. When she spoke on mental health issues, though, she drew a lot of attention.

She was a victim, and she chose to stay away from post-match press conferences.

Former Olympic hero Ian Thorpe recently applauded Naomi Osaka for coming forth and disclosing her mental health struggles. At the end of the day, athletes are humans, and they put forth a lot of effort to be successful in their industries, according to the retired former Australian swimmer.

I applaud her for showing people that mental health issues can impact anyone,’ he told the publication. It doesn’t matter how successful you see that person as being.

“Remember, athletes, put higher expectations on themselves than anyone else. We may be able to create these superhero-like efforts in performances – but we are humans at the end of it,” he said as per reports on Daily Mail.

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Naomi Osaka made a public announcement

Naomi Osaka stated she was dealing with mental health concerns just before the French Open began this year, and that she would avoid speaking to the media.

Her decision was initially met with skepticism. However, as time went on, players from all sports expressed similar sentiments, and mental health issues became a rising worry.

On World Mental Health Day, one can appreciate the significance of this subject. It’s a touchy subject that can influence anyone.

In today’s competitive society, the amount of pressure placed on each individual can lead to these issues. Even with the rise in social media usage, unfavourable remarks can have a negative impact on athletes.

When it comes to tennis, Osaka was last seen at the US Open in New York, where she was unable to defend her championship.

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