Paul Annacone explains why Roger Federer has changed personality so much

Tennis fans have witnessed Roger Federer’s magnificence throughout the years. He exudes a unique aura that is second to none. But, at the end of the day, he is only human and has the same qualities as everyone else.

Over the course of his career, fans have seen Roger Federer’s emotional side and experienced occasions when a heart-breaking loss has overcome him.

When he emerges as a champion, supporters have seen tears of joy stream down his cheek. This highlighted his emotional side, which he intended to concentrate on as time went on.

Paul Annacone, his former coach, recently commented about the matter and detailed how they decided to take action.

“I think his maturation process allowed it to happen. I asked him about it when we were together years ago and I asked him if it was something someone said or a coach or his parents or whatever,” Annacone said.

“He said it was a little bit of a bunch of things and he said ultimately I just realized to myself that if I’m that emotional and those things can knock me off the rails then I can’t think through what’s going on out there.”

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Roger Federer reflected on his general attitude

They sat down and considered what needed to be done in order to achieve long-term success. It got to the point where the Swiss maestro thought that if his proclivity for wearing his heart on his sleeve may get the better of him. e’d rather avoid it at all costs.

He worked on not being disappointed by a loss and accepting that it is a part of any sport, both winning and losing.

“He used to say that I need a way to find a solution and I can’t find solutions if I’m really emotional and things are going awry,” the former coach further added.

“I need to know how to manage the emotions and get disappointed but not let it ruin the rest of the match and be happy and not let it ruin the rest of the match.”

“So I just basically made the decision myself after getting a bunch of feedback both myself and also hearing it from his parents and hearing from other coaches but he really said it was himself that just hit and switch and said I got to get better at this.”

In tennis, Federer’s season came to an end with a loss at the Wimbledon Championships. He had to have more knee surgery and expects to return in 2022. He did say that he will be out of action for a long time.

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