Pilic accuses media of being racist towards Djokovic – “Western media cannot accept he is the best”

Former tennis player Nikola Pilic accused the world media of being racist towards Novak Djokovic, saying their inability to recognise him as the greatest stemmed from a bad place.

Djokovic is one of the best players to have ever played the sport. Currently sitting on 20 Grand Slams, he is tied with Roger Federer for being the second-most successful tennis player of all time. He is also a winning machine, having beaten the best in the business repeatedly.

However, most fans shun him for Federer or Rafael Nadal, saying they were better than the Serbian in terms of legacy and greatness. This is despite the fact that Djokovic is currently the World No. 1 and the benchmark to beat.

Pilic accused the world media of being racist towards Djokovic, saying their obsession with Europeans prevented them from acknowledging the Djoker.

Speaking on Nadal’s triumph in Melbourne as quoted by Tennis World USA, the Croatian said, “Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, what he has done has its weight, but this is not a real triumph because it was won without the best player in the world.

'Western media cannot accept that Novak Djokovic is...', says expert
Djokovic (pictured) is one of the best in the world. Source: tennisworldusa.org

“Western media cannot accept that someone from the Balkans is the best in their sport.”

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“If we take the mutual score between the three of them, the number of weeks spent at number 1 and some other parameters, we will see that Novak is the best,” he continued.

“Of course, the Spaniard will say that Nadal is the best, and some Serb will say that he is Novak.

“But if you ask John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors, then you will hear the real truth, and they have told it many times.”

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