Following her victory in the US Open, world No. 22 Emma Raducanu said that she was greeted warmly by players at the Indian Wells Masters.

“It’s really nice,” Raducanu said of her peers’ congratulations.

“All the players are very friendly. I’m still very new on the tour – so it’s pretty cool.

“But I haven’t really spent too much time hanging around. I’ve just been training and getting about my business, and then leaving,” Raducanu told according to reports on BBC.

Raducanu attended the Met Gala and the screening of the latest James Bond film in London after winning the US Open.

“It’s been a very cool three weeks. I got to experience some great things that I probably never would have got to do before.”

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Emma Raducanu yet to find a permanent coach

Raducanu separated with coach Andrew Richardson after winning the US Open and is looking for a new coach with greater WTA Tour knowledge and experience.

She is working with Jeremy Bates, a national coach for the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), in Indian Wells.

“Jeremy is part of women’s tennis at the LTA, so while he’s here, he’s helping me out,” Raducanu said.

“But going forwards, I’m just going to wait and try and find the right person. I’m not going to rush into anything.

“I want to make sure I make the right decision.

“I’m just looking for the general things in a coach, really. Someone you get along with well, and someone who can push you.” Raducanu added.

“I mean, it’s an absolute dream. You just have visions of yourself going up to the box, hugging everyone, I mean, celebrating.

“That’s something that you always think of, you always work for,” Raducanu said.

“For that moment to actually happen, yeah, I’m just so grateful for my team that are here with me, the team that are back home, the LTA, every single person who supported me along this journey.”

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