Rafael Nadal urges fans to move away from fuel-guzzling vehicles and make environment-friendly choice

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish champion, is currently recovering from a left foot ailment, and he was recently seen supporting the use of Kia motors’ electric automobiles.

Rafael Nadal has been the global brand ambassador for Kia Motors since 2006. Through this ambassadorship, Nadal and Kia have partnered to promote Kia’s brand to a global audience; Kia Motors is also a major sponsor of the Australian Open.

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Rafael Nadal. Source: ndtv.com

Rafael Nadal supports the use of electric vehicles

Rafael Nadal, Kia Motors’ global ambassador, attended a mega-event for the automaker in Manacor, Spain. The Spaniard advocated the use of electric vehicles with the debut of the new EV6 crossover.

Nadal also voiced his approval of the new EV6 electric vehicle.

“My job naturally requires a lot of travel, and my lifestyle is not fully sustainable.

“But I’m determined to make the necessary changes where I can, starting with my personal use of the EV6 crossover in Mallorca and beyond,” Nadal said as per reports on Hyundai.

“I feel lucky to have the support of Kia and the new EV6 that will help drive my commitment.

“I would like to encourage others to join me in driving these kind of vehicles wherever possible.”

Since 2006, when Kia Motors appointed Nadal as their global ambassador, the former World No. 1 has been associated with the automaker.

Following that, Nadal and Kia collaborated extensively to boost Kia’s global brand value.

Kia Motors has been a significant platform for the Australian Open for the past 20 years. Both Kia and the Australian Open have performed admirably, contributing to the development of tennis in Australia.

Kia has also played an important part in supporting various players at the Australian Open since 2002.

The Australian Open 2022 will take place from January 17 to January 30, 2022. Rafael Nadal’s injury has improved, and fans are hoping he’ll be able to compete in the Australian Open in 2022.

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