Why were Rafael Nadal and his friends called ‘delinquents’?

Juan Monaco, a former tennis player and circuit opponent of Rafael Nadal, made a witty remark after observing how Nadal spends his holiday days on his yacht in Mallorca, drinking beer with pals.

Juan Monaco remarked on Nadal’s recent Instagram post, “Delincuentes (delinquents).”

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Rafael Nadal. Source: insider.com

Nadal captioned the photo saying, “Last summer days with friends… always nice to be surrounded by them, chat about nothing and everything. Just some fun times with my partners,”

Because Nadal and the Argentinian have a history together, Juan Monaco’s remark was definitely meant to be taken in a friendly light.

“He (Rafael Nadal) came from winning Roland Garros (into Bastad), I was waiting for the tournament to end, and we went to Spain to his house. And there we were for a week. We went together to his house,” he said. According to ATP.com, Monaco discussed their first meeting at the 2005 Swedish Open.

“I played interclubs against Rafa,” Monaco further added. “He played for Barcelona and I played for my club. We knew each other from there, from the age of 16. From there we already had friendship.”

Rafael Nadal is recovering from a foot injury

After a modest treatment on his problematic foot a week ago in Barcelona, Nadal has only played two matches since Roland Garros.

Rafael will not compete for the remainder of the season due to injury, deciding to recover and return stronger the following year. Rafa remains in the top ten, but his position is in jeopardy for the first time since 2016 when he was also plagued by injuries.

“I’ve been better, but I’m fine. A little sore from the foot,” Nadal was quoted as saying by Punto de Break.

“It is a time that is a bit complicated on a personal and professional level. Honestly, with the illusion of improving and facing a process that is going to be difficult and painful at some point, but that I have to go through to get back in a position to fight for what I want. I am determined to do it,” said Nadal.

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