Rafael Nadal ‘worried’ that the growing trend of ‘serve-dominant’ game will ruin balance of tennis

Rafael Nadal, the 20-time Grand Slam winner, is concerned about the state of the serve in today’s game. Nadal feels that as players grow in size, their serves become faster.

If the trend continues, Nadal is concerned that matches will be determined exclusively on the basis of serving.

“I think we need to think about the serve at some stage,” he said, as per reports on TennisHead.

“Because the players are getting bigger and bigger and the serve is getting faster and faster.

“If someone doesn’t find a wise solution for serving, I’m worried that matches will be decided solely by serving.

“I think this problem will get worse within 10 years.”

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Rafael Nadal. Source: ndtv.com

Nadal enjoys putting his creative ideas on display in exhibitions

Nadal was asked what if the serve was reduced to just one try. “I don’t think it’s an irrelevant idea,” Nadal responded.

“You can test it out and see if it makes sense. I’m in favour of innovation in the tennis world. I think it’s a good idea to try it in a small tournament first.”

Due to a recurrent foot injury, Nadal ended it a season in August.

Nadal is aware that his career is coming to an end, but he claims that he is not terrified of life without tennis.

“I try not to think about my age as much as possible. I will retire when I don’t feel fresh physically and mentally.

“I also realize now how much I love tennis and I have a real privilege to play for such a long time.

“Afterwards, when my racket is put away, I will also devote more time to my foundation, which supports economically disadvantaged children.

“But the truth is, I am not at all afraid of life without tennis,” Nadal said.

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