As he heals from his latest knee surgery at the age of 40, Roger Federer says he is “feeling strong and excited for what’s to come”.

On talking about his present condition, according to Sky Sports, he said ” I am feeling actually really good, considering you know that things are not as I hope they would be but I am recovering well and rehab is going really good.”

“I have had no setbacks; every day is a better day. I am feeling strong and excited for what’s to come”

Although, he was not happy with the time off he has been taking it positively. “I experienced already a little last year and I was actually surprised how easy it was for me to go through the rehab process, because I know it is not everybody’s favourite thing to do as much as a top athlete”

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“After all these years of traveling it’s nice to be home. I am having more time for the family and other things. I wish I can be back on the tennis court as quick as possible but I have to be patient”

“It’s a slow period right now. And I got to take it step by step. And so far, so good. I’m very happy.”

Roger Federer on Djokovic’s US Open display

He also missed the US Open as a result of the surgery. Federer believes that it is possible for the Calendar Slam to be achieved after Novak Djokovic failed at the final hurdle in New York earlier this month.

“I think it is possible that it’s going to happen again, we saw it with Novak, myself and Rafa that we come extremely close. But I think you need a bit of luck. You need perseverance, strength you need everything.

“It is going to be hard but it is possible and what Novak did this year was really exceptional.”

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