Schwartzman makes belittling Djokovic claim – “Doesn’t attract people as much”

Diego Schwartzman made a belittling Novak Djokovic claim, saying that he is not as much fun to watch as some others.

Djokovic is the best player in the world at the moment, and is the current World No. 1. His stay at the top of the mountain has been outstanding and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

While his fellow top players are starting to bottom out, the Serbian is still playing at the highest level. He recently won his 20th Grand Slam title, which means that one more will make him an all-time great if he isn’t one already.

However, Schwartzman made a belittling Djokovic claim, saying that he is a bit too robotic for his liking.

In a recent interview with Filo News as quoted by Tennis World USA, the World No. 13 said, “Djokovic is something else, it’s like he’s controlled by a joystick.

“It’s very difficult to be able to sustain what he’s doing, the changes of directions. There comes a time when you can’t keep up with him.

'Novak Djokovic doesn’t attract people as much as...', says ATP player
Djokovic (pictured) is a machine. Source:

“Maybe in sight, it doesn’t attract people as much as Rafa (Nadal) or (Roger) Federer so much. But it drives you crazy, with the joystick in hand.”

Dug a Nole

Djokovic is currently involved in a cold war with the Australian Open authorities. The latter is very particular regarding vaccination rules, and with the Serbian not taking the jab, they refuse to let him participate.

Victoria Sports Minister Martin Pakula said, “If Djokovic chooses not to be vaccinated and is not accepted in the expert committee, he will not play the Australian Open.

“In order to enter the tournament, he must have a good excuse to explain the reason for his not vaccination.”

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