Tomic launches scathing rant about COVID-19 protocols – “I’ll test positive, I’m telling you”

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic launched a scathing rant about the COVID-19 protocols in the country, saying that they were inadequate.

Tomic could be seen struggling from the beginning in his match against Roman Safiullin in the opening round of the 2022 Australian Open qualifying event. After playing three games, the 29-year-old called for a visit to the physiotherapist, and was spotted checking his pulse repeatedly.

His condition got worse throughout the day. He lost the first set in 23 minutes having double-faulted six times. On the first changeover in the second set, he lost his cool and proceeded to tear the Australian Open a new one.

Tomic launched a scathing rant about the COVID-19 protocols in the country, saying that it was simply a mess from top to bottom.

As quoted by Last Word on Sports, he was heard telling the umpire, “I’m sure in the next two days I’ll test positive, I’m telling you.

Bernard Tomic
Tomic (pictured) looked very tired in his match. Source: LWOS

“I’ll buy you dinner if I don’t test positive in three days, otherwise, you buy me dinner. I cannot believe nobody is getting tested, we’re allowing players to come on the court with rapid tests in their room, come on. No official PCR testing.”


Tomic was able to get back in the game in the second set. He won four games and extended the match for a long time. However, the concerning thing was his weakness mid-match.

Sickness is the first symptom of COVID-19. Although he competed after testing negative in a rapid antigen test, nothing can be said for certain at the moment.

If he is actually positive, his tournament will be over. The same will ring true for Safiullin if he tests positive as well.

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