Tommy Haas believes ‘focused’ Jenson Brooksby is the real deal

Jenson Brooksby is “not the most skilled player in the world,” according to former world No. 2 Tommy Haas, but the American is giving it his all every day to become the best in the world.

Brooksby, 20, won three Challenger tournaments this year, placing second in Newport, reaching the Washington semifinals, and taking world No. 1 Novak Djokovic to four sets at the US Open.

“Yeah, Brooksby in his on-court interview after this first round, he said ‘I’m so happy I won.

“I’m so happy I have the opportunity to be in the next round but I’m not really satisfied with the way I played today, so I’m actually going to go to the practice courts right after this and work on my game a little more.

“You see how focused he is out there,” Haas said on Boardroom.

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“You see also that he’s not the most talented player in the world, but he does everything that he can to try to be the best player that he can be and constantly improve.

“You can kind of sense that. And the way he fights in the way he represents himself out there.

“It’s something special and you don’t see that in all the players, all the time, no matter where you’re from.”

Sebastian Korda, according to Haas, has a lot of potential

The United States hasn’t had a Grand Slam champion in a long time, and the hope is that youthful talents Brooksby and Korda will be able to fill that void one day.

Sebastian Korda is another one of those situations. He grew up in Bradenton, Florida, I’ve known him since he was born.

“I played his dad a couple of times on tour back in the day. It’s that mentality, right? You come from a family that has done it as well.

“They’re so disciplined and structured. It’s like second nature to them. A lot of people aren’t used to that kind of a lifestyle,” Haas said.

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