Trying our best at the US Open in the absence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Frances Tiafoe

Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will be absent from the US Open in 2021. For a long time, the two have been the sport’s pillars, and fans are understandably sad that neither of them will be competing at the Grand Slam this year.

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Tiafoe talks about the importance of the US Open 2021. Source:

Frances Tiafoe, an American tennis player, recently stated why the US Open 2021 is such an essential competition for everyone in a press conference. Since Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are not competing in the Grand Slam, he believes that everyone believes they have a chance to win.

Frances Tiafoe’s statement

“I mean, I think there is numerous reasons. You don’t have Roger, Rafa. Guys are hungry, guys are like, The F***ing Open, I got to f***ing push.’ So I think that has definitely a part to play in it,” said Tiafoe, as reported in

Tiafoe stated that the level of tennis at the US Open 2021 is extremely high, as everyone is giving it their all. He thinks it’s incredible that even qualifiers have advanced to the tournament’s pre-quarterfinals.

Frances Tiafoe was asked if he thought there was a cause for the ‘chaos’ this year, with so many new faces coming through against elite opponents and more than 30 five-set matches on the men’s side, which is close to a record.

The American player further added, “Level of tennis is high. Anyone can beat anyone. Look, I’m 50 in the world. I’m beating all these kinds of guys. You have qualifiers in the round of 16, like tennis, like there is no bumps. Everyone’s good. Like if you don’t show up to play, you can lose to anyone,”

Tiafoe said he believes the tight matches and upset wins in the men’s draw are a result of Federer and Nadal’s absence, praising the level of tennis being produced by players across the draw.

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