Venus Williams explains why she withdrew from the 2021 US Open

Venus Williams, a seven-time Grand Slam champion, has been an inspiration for more than two decades. She has been an outspoken champion for mental health and well-being in addition to being an amazing athlete.

The 41-year-old, in particular, has lately launched a “Wellness With Me” program for people to learn and grow. She even disclosed why she pulled out of the US Open 2021 during the show.

Venus recently took to Instagram to respond to queries about mental health. She discussed several facets of the mental side throughout this 14-minute session, including discipline, confidence, motivation, acceptance, and so on.

What’s more remarkable is that she overcame injuries and health concerns to continue playing tennis at the top level, establishing herself as a mental powerhouse.

In addition, the four-time Olympic gold medallist hosts weekly Q&A sessions for her followers. Some are about tennis, while others are about coping with life.

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Venus Williams shares her thoughts on mental health

Venus, in particular, answered several concerns regarding changing one’s perspective and dealing with hardships and adversity.

She is the perfect illustration of a strong mentality, considering her comeback despite being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease.

Venus urged individuals to focus on the good, keep discipline, be bold and confident, own up to failures, and go for it every time in this Instagram session. She also used her withdrawal from the US Open 2021 as an example.

“There’s always a time when you want to give up on things,” Venus said. 

“For example, I had to withdraw from the US Open this year, and I’d just realized I wasn’t able to play, wasn’t able to prepare, and so as much as I wanted to play, I realized it was time to stop because I wasn’t ready.” 

“Keep going, but also know when to stop,” she concluded.

Those in uncertainty and seeking assistance would undoubtedly benefit from her experience.

Unfortunately, the tennis legend has struggled during the 2021 season. Venus, on the other hand, is still working hard in the hopes of making a comeback soon.

Venus will most likely compete at the Australian Open 2022 next year. Until then, she’ll keep inspiring her tennis fans one inspirational session at a time.

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