Verdasco’s humorous remark after Nadal’s Roland Garros success

Rafael Nadal has proven that he can express himself at the highest levels on a variety of surfaces, despite his initial reputation as a clay-court specialist.

The ‘King of Clay’ has been propelled by his 13 wins at Roland Garros. But we must not forget that the Spaniard has also won two Wimbledons, four US Opens, and an Australian Open.

In Paris, the former world number one aspired to achieve 21 Majors. But his journey was cut short in the quarterfinals by Novak Djokovic.

The 35-year-old from Manacor was unable to fully express himself on French soil due to a foot injury, and he was forced to skip Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics in the following two months.

The Iberian veteran attempted a hesitant return to Washington. But he was forced to give in to Lloyd Harris and, most all, to the pain.

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Rafa will return to the tennis court in 2022. Although it is unclear whether he will compete in the Australian Open.

Fernando Verdasco reflected on the most pivotal moments of his career in an exclusive interview with Punto de Break.

The best year for Real Madrid was probably 2009 when everyone recalls the epic duel with Rafael Nadal in Melbourne.

Verdasco talks about Rafael Nadal

“Being at 100% at all times, I think Rafael Nadal demands one more step from you, both physically and mentally,” Verdasco said.

Verdasco then made a witty remark regarding Nadal’s Roland Garros success, claiming that he has won the title “1000 times” in Paris.

“Rafael Nadal has won Roland Garros 1000 times (laughs),” Verdasco said.

“The toughest tournament mentally and physically in the world,

“But other Spaniards have dominated it before, this is seen in the history of tennis.”

Later, Fernando Verdasco was asked about Ken Rosewall’s remark that if Rafael Nadal had been right-handed. He would not have been able to overcome Roger Federer as often.

“With his physique and mental strength, he would have won anyway,” Verdasco said.

“Technically it can be more or less showy, everyone says that Roger Federer is the most elegant,

“The one who plays the most beautiful,” Verdasco said.

“Rafa does not play as beautiful as Roger, but Rafa in important moments he arrives from outside the court and hits a forehand on the run from outside the net…and you are stunned.

“Rafael Nadal is one in a billion, otherwise he would not have had the career he has had,” he added.

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