Voracova angry with Djokovic after he wins case – “I feel a little bit frustrated”

Czech tennis player Renata Voracova revealed that she was angry with Novak Djokovic after he won his case against Australia.

Voracova was granted a medical exemption by Tennis Australia to compete at the Australian Open. Like the Men’s World No. 1, she has also not been vaccinated, so the paths of the two players towards tournament have been the same.

Instead, the Serbian was allowed to play after fighting a legal battle against the concerned authorities. The Doubles specialist, however, was forced to leave Melbourne after six hours of repeated questioning.

Voracova revealed that she was angry with Djokovic after he won his case and got something she couldn’t despite them being in the same boat.

“I feel good for him, that he won (in) the court,” she said on BBC Radio 5 Live, as quoted by Stuff.

“(But) I feel a little bit frustrated for me, that the lawyers and my advisors who were there with me didn’t apply for court too, but I also understand because Novak hired his lawyers so he had to also pay for this.

“I think this was the main issue why I couldn’t go (to) court and apply for the same.”

The Park Hotel in Melbourne where Novak Djokovic and Renata Voracova were held.
The hotel where Djokovic and Voracova were held. Source: Getty Images


“I was there almost for a week in Melbourne and on Friday I was actually planning to go to another tournament, so I board(ed) my flight, because everything was ready, and they just came to my hotel,” she continued.

“First they told me when they came to my room that they want(ed) just some explanation about my exemption, that it would take around an hour.

“I had to defend myself in 10 minutes after questioning why I should stay in the country. I had someone there, but they couldn’t really go to the process, they just sat next to me and they were not allowed to give me any advice during the questioning. It was really tough.”

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