Zverev blasts Australian Open authorities – “We are not getting tested for COVID-19”

German tennis player Alexander Zverev blasted the Australian Open authorities for their management, saying that it was a warning sign that no player was being tested for COVID-19.

With Ugo Humbert announcing that he had tested positive for COVID-19, the Australian Open has been thrown into disarray. Players had to be double vaccinated in order to participate, but the mismanagement has seen a lot of players test positive.

Last year had seen very rigid rules enforced for the tournament. They worked for the most part, but those in Melbourne have not followed up on that and done the best they could this year.

As a result, Zverev blasted the Australian Open authorities for their management, saying that no one was being tested for the virus.

“I did not know that he (Humbert) had Covid,” Zverev said, as quoted by Tennis 365.

“This year in Australia there’s a lot more cases than last year. We are allowed to go outside to eat, we are allowed to do what we want, so it is natural that more people get COVID.

Alexander Zverev in action
Zverev (pictured) is critical of COVID-19 guidelines. Source: tennis365.com

“My brother when he arrived had COVID, he was in quarantine in Sydney. He does not have it any more, but I think quite a few players had it when they arrived. Quite a few players I think have it now.

“We are not getting tested, so I think if we would get tested there would be probably more positives than there are now, in a way.”

Safe than sorry

“I am somebody who is here to play the tournament,” he continued.

“I understand there’s a lot of cases in Melbourne and Australia all around, so I am not doing a lot outside. I have not been to any restaurants yet. I’ve not been anywhere other than the hotel room and the courts.

“I am doing my own bubble simply because I do not want to take any risks and want to give myself the best chance possible to do well here. If I get COVID, that is not going to happen.”

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