“That is why I had an issue”: Height cost Tsunoda in pre-season testing

AlphaTauri had a fine showing at the 2021 pre-season testing in Bahrain. They managed to clock the highest number of laps out of all teams.

However, they did face a couple of problems early on with regard to rookie Yuki Tsunoda.

The Japanese driver had significant issues on Day 1 which continued into Day 2. The main issue, as revealed by Tsunoda later on, are his pedals.

The pedals have been made according to the size of Pierre Gasly, who is significantly taller at 1.77 m compared to Tsunoda, who is the shortest driver on the grid standing at 1.59m.

As a result, Tsunoda had trouble reaching for the throttle and brake.

At the driver’s conference following the end of the pre-season testing, Tsunoda revealed that the team was already working on resolving this.

“I am having a very special pedal kit, which compared to Pierre is a lot of difference for the height,” Tsunoda said.

“That’s why they are trying to make it a different way for the pedals. And that is why I had an issue yesterday.

“I already heard from the mechanics and we had a good step for making it strong.”

Tsunoda starts as the shortest driver on the grid and one of the shortest in the history of the sport.

He is just 2cm taller than Anthony Davidson and Andrea Montermini.

Last month, he enthused followers while joking about his height and taking it in his stride.

Formula 1’s official Twitter account asked its users, “In 2021, Yuki Tsunoda will ____”, wo which he answered “Grow”.

AlphaTauri will hope to continue its momentum going into the season opener in Bahrain.

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