“That ultimately decided it for me”: Usman reveals why he chose to join PFL despite other offers

Top heavyweight category fighter Mohammed Usman recently struck a deal with one of MMA’s major promotions: Professional Fighters League despite offers from Bellator, ONE Champion and UFC. The fighter will compete in the PFL’s heavyweight division. 

In an interview, he mentioned how his older brother was around to provide him with proper guidance and helped with his decision of joining the league over other promotions.

“We sat down and thought about it,” Usman said. “You don’t ever make a decision just to do it, we have to think everything through before we make a decision and it’s a family decision.

“We actually sat down and worked it out and talked about it and he’s the one that told me it was a great decision.

“I felt good about it, I felt confident about it because I’m still growing in my athletic career as an MMA fighter, so PFL gives you the platform to still grow and the platform that they have and the season format was perfect for me. I really like how they do that and that ultimately decided it for me.”

Speaking about the criticism that he had received, the fighter said, “I did kind of get criticism, because a lot of fans that don’t really know fighting just think of UFC as fighting. They don’t even know, MMA is not even in the equation.

“I have to explain to them that MMA is what we do. UFC is just the organisation. You see what I’m saying? So a lot of people get confused like that. I had a lot of backlash when it comes to the fans, ‘Why aren’t you in the UFC, this and that’.”

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