“That won’t happen again”: Hamilton acknowledges slice of luck in Bahrain victory

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is hopeful that his detractors finally know just how good he is following his exploits in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

There has been much talk about exactly how good Hamilton is. For all the championships that he has won at Mercedes, the leading argument seems to be that he has always had the best car on the grid.

This was not the case on Sunday, however, as the Red Bull that was being driven by Max Verstappen was as fast, if not faster than Hamilton’s Mercedes.

By the time the race was in the business end, Hamilton was hanging onto the thinnest of margins while keeping Verstappen at bay.

Hamilton’s tyres were considerably worn out compared to the young Dutchman. He was still somehow able to manage a win.

Following his win, Hamilton was in a buoyant mood.

“I think today was definitely a blessing in disguise perhaps. I think there’s always opportunities to prove people wrong and I like to think today is definitely one of them,” he said.  

“But, I think there have been several in the past also, I’ve been here a long time, and I hope there are many opportunities in the future to be able to show what I was able to do today also. 

“Of course we were fortunate with Max going wide in Turn 4 but that won’t happen again.

“I’m pretty sure so we’ve got to do better, be smarter, with how we navigate through the weekends with the fact that we don’t have the fastest at the moment, but that’s all good for me.

“I don’t mind having to pull that extra in order to make the difference.”

Ross Brawn was full of praise for Hamilton as well, labelling him one of the best drivers to have ever graced the sport.

“This was a race that featured a host of sensational drives, but Hamilton most deserves this accolade after a scintillating drive that was among the very best of his career.

“He simply drove brilliantly, pacing his tyres really well and posing a quiet threat throughout the race, despite not having the fastest car in the field.

“There were one or two little moments where he faltered under pressure from Verstappen, but each time he held on remarkably and held firm in mighty impressive fashion.”

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