“That’s a step backwards”: Hamilton critical of rule changes that will make cars slower next season

Since 2007, Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the sport of Formula 1. As a result, he has played witness to a vast array of changes that have taken place over the years.

It is necessary for the sport to improve which will be done by imposing new rules and regulations in the future.

Even though that being necessary for development, the Brit does not wholly agree with this idea.

Lewis Hamilton. Source: marca.com

What did Hamilton say?

The seven-time world champion has set his eyes on the upcoming developments.

“If you are in F1 you have to understand the technology that is going on and the complications of the budget cap,” Hamilton said in an interview with AS.com

“For example, I did a tyre test with 18-inch tyres to see what the difference is, how it’s going to affect me as a driver when I drive the car next year.”

Hamilton tests the 18-inch Pirelli tyres. Source: planetf1.com

Hamilton believes that the future of the sport is completely dependent on these changes. And change is not always a good thing.

‘Heavy and slow’ cars in the future?

“The cars will be heavier and slower, and I think that’s a step backwards,” he said.

“We need to be faster and more efficient. These cars were better when they were lighter. But the people in charge made those decisions and there’s nothing to do but accept that.”

The Mercedes driver currently leads the world championship. But his rival, Max Verstappen of Red Bull is not far behind with a difference of 14 points.

Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas stands in third place.

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