“The moment I realised I hit the wall, it was very painful”: Mazepin offers profound explanation to crash

During the last racing weekend in Bahrain, Nikita Mazepin lost control of his vehicle twice. At the time of the qualifying, he spun a few times at Turn 1 of the track. But, the Haas driver was looking forward to redeeming himself in Imola.

With the start of the Imola weekend, the Haas driver ended up in another unfortunate incident. While entering the pit-lane, he ended up spinning at the last corner which earned him a red flag and putting an end to his session.

Mazepin was on his way to the pit-lane but overshot the curve and crossed over to the gravel. After losing control in his rear, he encountered a spin just outside the pit-lane which gave him a red flag.

The Haas driver has had one of the least successful debuts ever seen in Formula 1. It is never easy to deal with a retirement in the very first lap of your first Formula 1 race. In an interview, he opened up about what happened.

“[I’m] over it. Things happened very quickly and the moment when I realised where I ended up, which was in the wall, was a very painful one.”

The Russian however felt that there are a lot more races this season and he will get a chance to show his skills. Social media has also not been easy on the driver. But he is trying his best to not focus on the negativity.

“You obviously have your ups, you have your downs, and it’s important to get as much knowledge from the bad experience as possible.

“But then don’t drag the negativity with you because that will leave you in the place where you were, when you’re trying to move on.”

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