“There are only so many TV slots”: Bellator not keen on hiring Diego Sanchez following UFC exit

Bellator is not planning to acquire free agent Diego Sanchez anytime soon after the fighter was recently released from UFC. MMA Fighting’s reporter Mike Heck recently posted on Twitter regarding the same.

“Scott Coker just told me that Bellator will not be looking to add Diego Sanchez to the roster now that he is a free agent,” posted Mike Heck.

Diego was released from UFC earlier this month, following a dispute between his manager Joshua Fabia and UFC regarding the former’s health records. The dispute led UFC to cut ties with the veteran. 

39-year-old Diego, who currently holds a 2-2 in his last four fights, made it clear that he is still open to compete despite his release from the previous promotion.

The fighter took to his Instagram story as he tagged many other combat sports promotions which included Belllator, mentioning that he is “ free at last”.

However, Bellator President Scott Coker recently mentioned that the organisation is no longer interested in signing ageing talents, explaining his disinterest to sign Yoel Romero last time.

He stated, “We got a call from (his) agent and originally we just passed. If you look at our roster and how many fighters we have on this roster and how many fights we’re going to do, there are only so many TV slots.

“We have kind of gotten away from signing the OGs we used to sign back in the day. That’s because guys like A.J. (McKee) are coming up. Ilima-Lei (Macfarlane) is developing into a main event fighter.”

However, later that year, Bellator did sign the ‘soldier of God’ officially. 

Whatever decisions came into play while shifting Coker’s decision about the fighter shall hopefully come into play in Sanchez’s case.

All hands on his manager Joshua Fabia push this agreement forward and hold a place in the roster of the de facto number two promotion in the US.

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