“They have removed some aerodynamic work from pictures”: McLaren hiding key changes from rivals

With the 2021 Formula 1 season inching closer, teams are displaying their new cars one-by-one. There’s a bit of intel that can be gathered from these pre-season reveals and helps give people a general idea about how competitive the car will be.

Car development doesn’t take place just during pre-season though. A lot of the work is carried out over the course of the previous season. Teams try their best to keep all information confidential.

McLaren ensured that it kept certain information confidential during the launch of its MCL35M. The team’s representatives had made a trip to Silverstone for a filming day and ensured that all visuals were curated before release.

Formula 1 journalist Will Buxton agrees with this assessment.

“Indeed, in the images which they had released from that they had darkened out, blacked out, and actually removed, some of the intricate aerodynamic work around that barge board area and at the rear of the car,” he said.

“They’re the two areas where you’re going to want to have your focus absolutely trained with all these cars as they get released.”

With pre-season testing set to begin on March 12, secrets will soon be revealed. It is easy to keep information private when a team is away from the spotlight, but that blanket of protection will be removed soon enough.

This is a good team for teams to assess their rivals’ cars and see if they can perhaps incorporate certain elements into their design.

By the end of March, things will get a lot clearer and we can expect certain changes from what has been displayed to us till this point.

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