“This is a big problem”: Jake Paul believes UFC fighters don’t get compensated well enough

UFC fighters should be compensated more for “risking their lives” within the octagon, according to Jake Paul.

Over the last few months, the YouTube sensation and internet personality has made waves in the MMA world. He’s been in a social media spat with a number of well-known MMA fighters recently, challenging them to a professional boxing match.

In an episode of Beyond the Fight, MMA legend Chael Sonnen recently spoke with Paul. During the interview, the pair discussed a variety of topics, including Paul’s thoughts on UFC fighter pay.

Sonnen first enquired if Jake Paul had signed a three-fight contract with Triller, noting that he’d heard the social media sensation had only signed a one-fight deal.

Sonnen then asked Paul to shed light upon his contract status with Triller. Sonnen added that he’d also heard Jake Paul isn’t under contract with Triller and is free to go fight anywhere. Paul was quick to provide clarity.

Yeah, that’s accurate. Yeah. I’m a free agent. And look, I think that’s the way it should be with all fighters.

Like, it just s**ks to see these young kids – these young boxers, these young UFC champions – get tied up into these contracts where they’re owned by the promoter, they’re owned by Dana White. And they’re not getting fair pay.

They’re not getting the fights they want. This is a big problem. Like, how is ‘Arianna Celeste’ (UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste) I think is her name. She’s a ring girl, right?

“How does she make more money than some of the fighters in the octagon who are risking their lives? Doesn’t make sense to me. And I think, I don’t know, it’s just a big problem.

“And I’m hoping to help change that and just help fighters realize that they are the content. They are the ones that the fans are showing up for.

“They are the ones that are driving these pay-per-views. And they’re the ones, again, risking their lives. And they should be rewarded for that.”

Paul also indicated that decentralising the fight game’s pay structure and giving fighters more control over promoters would help raise fighter pay in the combat sports industry.

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