“This is absolutely insane”: Cormier disgusted with officiating in Oliveira vs Chandler showdown

The aftermath of Charles Oliveira vs Michael Chandler‘s UFC 262 fight has elicited a wide range of emotions.

Former UFC two-division champion and colour analyst Daniel Cormier recently expressed his thoughts on Twitter. He was harshly critical of the judges during the main event bout.

“This is absolutely insane, while Chandler did win the round Charles had the back and landed some shots. The judging last night was bad, there seems to be no value in ground control anymore. Vivian got to the mount and controlled, attempted sub and still lost the round.”

Cormier was dissatisfied with the results of the scorecards, stating that ground regulation seems to have little weightage in modern-day martial arts judging. Cormier’s claim held water, with two of three judges scoring a 10 – 8 round in favour of Chandler.

After an exciting start to round one, both fighters seemed to want to end the fight as soon as possible. However, a quick takedown from Oliveira swung the battle in his favour for a brief moment.

While ‘Do Bronx’ gained the upper hand on the ground, Chandler performed admirably and fled.

Chandler had Oliveira rocked

Chandler also hit Oliveira with some hard shots and had him rocked. This is the reason why the first round swung so heavily in Chandler’s favour.

Although a takedown can open up opportunities for ground control, simply establishing a dominant position is also critical. The judges at UFC 262 seem to have ignored this factor.

With judges Chris Lee and Sal D’Amato each awarding Chandler one point too many, doubts regarding the UFC’s judging competency have been raised once again.

Following Oliveira’s spectacular knockout of Chandler in round two, championship talk resurfaced.

With Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor, and Justin Gaethje all vying for a shot at UFC gold, president Dana White can bet the rest of the year will be hectic.

Who do you think Oliveira will face in his first UFC title defence?

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