“Thought about ignoring the call”: Hamilton almost defied team order for race-defining moment

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he almost ignored the call to pit order when it was issued a second time. It was him going against his instincts that led him to victory against Max Verstappen.

Hamilton entered the pits five laps after Verstappen during the first round of stops. He used the fresh tyres to gain up to the Red Bull.

Just when he was tailing the Dutchman’s car, he entered the pit for a second time with 22 laps still left.

The Red Bull, ultimately, was not as fast as the Mercedes on the newer set of tyres. As a result, Hamilton was able to catch up and overtake the car with ease. There were still six laps remaining at this stage.

However, he admitted to second guessing the decision for a two-stop strategy.

“We went through the whole weekend making sure we still had two fresh mediums for if you have to do two stop, even though a one stop potentially looks better,” he said.

“I know from experience that a one stop is very, very hard to pull off. And, as soon as we had the pace that we had, I knew as soon as I could get past him if I could, and I was about to have a shot again on him right before I pitted right at the end, and I was really conflicted.

“I thought ‘do I come in, or do I ignore the call and stay out?’ but obviously I did what the team asked, because it’s a great trust between us, but it was a remarkable job by everyone on the team. What a day!”

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