“To be the teammate of George is difficult”: Capito says Russell provides Williams with a unique challenge

Formula 1 is very different from other sports. Here, your own teammate is actually your biggest rival. This is because your performance on the track will be compared first with your teammate.

Someone like Valtteri Bottas, who has to drive alongside Lewis Hamilton, finds himself in a difficult position as their partners are acing the grid all the time.

According to Williams CEO, Jost Capito, George Russell offers similar difficulties to his teammate.

Russell has been with Williams since 2019 and had two teammates since then. He has outperformed both Robert Kubica and Nicholas Latifi in every qualifying session.

“To be the teammate of George is very difficult. The same as being the teammate of Lewis, that is always difficult,” said Capito.

Having a driver who is always overperforming can be incredibly challenging. The driver will give top-of-the-line performances, but can always consider heading out the door if not provided with a worthy car.

“He is demanding,” Capito acknowledged.

“When I said before it’s not easy to work with him, [this isn’t] negative. No, this is a compliment. Because he is demanding, he wants more and more, he is never happy, and the driver should never be happy with what he has.

“But he has the ability to get the team behind him. Everybody is really pushing and motivated to give him what he is demanding, and that is an ability that really a top driver needs.”

By the end of the season, it is likely that Russell will leave Williams. After getting a taste of driving for Mercedes, he might be headed in that direction.

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