“To even keep up with Max”: Former F1 driver feels Hamilton may start to make far more mistakes

The first two races of this season were great in terms of viewing pleasure, largely due to the intense rivalry that has seemed to develop between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

According to Ralf Schumacher, the upcoming weekend will be no different. The German is looking forward to the race in Portimao.

“We saw it last year that it’s a difficult circuit. It’s new, but it’s very fast. There are many passages that you can’t see at all. Therefore, there is room for a lot of mistakes. If a car doesn’t work, it’s obviously difficult for the driver.”

So far, both Hamilton and Verstappen each have won one race with the Brit just one point ahead of the Dutchman.

“It will be close again between Lewis and Max. However, I see the Mercedes almost stronger than the Red Bull at this circuit,” Ralf reveals.

If Hamilton scores pole, it will be his 100th, a remarkable milestone. But he can expect Verstappen to put up a tough fight.

“Hamilton has to go more to the limit now to even keep up with Verstappen,” the former Formula One driver said. “And when I go to the limit more, I make more mistakes.”

Schumacher thinks that the circuit in Portimao will lead to many top drivers making mistakes. He also thinks that a third team might just walk away with the prize.

“I see McLaren very far ahead again. Tracks like this suit them. They were bloody strong at Imola – at least Lando Norris was.”

Do you think Hamilton will claim his 100th pole in Portimao? Let us know in the comments below!

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