“To have a Sir drink out of my shoe is pretty cool”: Ricciardo categorically rules out Hamilton

Daniel Ricciardo is well versed with the podium and he is known for his iconic “shoey celebration”.

The first time he did this was at the German Grand Prix back in 2016. Over time, he has even helped other take a sip from his boot.

We saw his post-race ceremony come back when he was at Renault when he managed to climb the podium twice. He came in third at the German Grand Prix and just weeks later got on the podium at the Italian Grand Prix.

Recently, Ricciardo talked about how a ‘Sir’ drank out of his boot and it was not Lewis Hamilton, his rival.

In an article, the Australian, talking about the “shoey” said, “I’m going to bring that up at some point! You know, I thought it would literally just be a one-off thing. I got the photo, sent it to my mates, cool; job done.

“But, I’m actually glad that it’s done what it’s done. I mean, to ever think I would have a Sir drink out of my shoe is pretty cool. I’m not talking about Lewis, I’m talking about Patrick Stewart.”

With Ricciardo always itching to grab the podium, Zak Brown recently made a deal with him. If Ricciardo get another podium, he will get to drive Dale Earnhardt Sr’s 1984 Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Ricciardo’s debut race with the Woking-based outfit saw him cross the finish line in seventh place while scoring six points. He is absolutely looking forward to the race at Imola for the Italian Grand Prix.

Can the Australian score another podium and get his hands on the keys of one of the most historic vehicle in motorsport? Let us know in the comments below!

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