Top 5 sports to get rid of writing blocks and improve creativity

Not all writers or students can handle creative blocks. It is difficult for beginners and even experts to write perfect articles, essays, publications, and dissertations non-stop. What if you are at a crossroads and don’t know where to start? In this case, writing blocks can lead you to depression.

Unfortunately, many writers experience moral discomfort when writing new content. But what if you want to overcome such difficulties? What if you still understand all the requirements but can’t get off the ground? In this case, you should switch to sports activities. Here are five options to help you say goodbye to your writing problems.


Physical activity is the best way to stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the brain. During soccer matches, you can get a lot of positive emotions by scoring goals against your opponents.

However, even the goalkeeper position can be quite exciting, especially if you want to develop flexibility and agility. Such sports activities will help you abstract from writer’s blocks.

In addition, you will get an endorphin boost and will be able to return to your papers after the match. Surely you will be able to cope with your fears and get off the ground.


At first glance, chess seems to be an ambiguous sports game since you cannot get endorphins through physical activity. In addition, you will have to come up with new strategic moves to deceive your opponents. But the fact is that our brain is a complex bio-computer that does not like monotonous tasks.

If you feel writer’s block, then a change in intellectual activity will do you good. Your brain will enthusiastically embark on new challenges, and you will be able to abstract from the academic routine. After a couple of chess games, you can return to your assignments and continue writing without blocks or difficulties.


Bowling is the perfect opportunity to say no to writer’s block. Imagine that you are tired of your academic activities and decide to go bowling with your friends. A couple of parties will allow you to be abstract from daily stress. Competing with friends, you will feel the joy and thirst for victory.

The main advantage of bowling is the simplicity of the rules. All you need is accurate ball throws to the center with pins. Watch the overall score and try not to miss. Having received a lot of positive emotions from victories, you will surely be able to return to your routine writing activities.


Badminton is the perfect sport for writers and students. The fact is that you can play this sports game anywhere. You need a couple of badminton rackets, a shuttlecock or a small tennis ball. Play in an open area to get room to maneuver, and you will get a lot of positive emotions. This sport will appeal to any writer or student. But what if even a surge of positive emotions can’t help you get rid of your writer’s block?

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Cycling is the perfect way to say no to writer’s block. Imagine that you are tired and cannot even write a couple of sentences. In this case, you should take your bike and go on a mini-trip. Head out of town, to the nearest park or the beach.

During your bike tour, you will enjoy the surroundings and the fresh air. In addition, you should take your laptop to get to work somewhere convenient in the fresh air. Such a trick is perfect for getting rid of your writer’s blocks.

Balance matters

Try to strike a balance between physical activity and rest. The fact is that you can overcome the writer’s block quickly, but excessive physical activity can only aggravate the situation.

Organize a meeting with friends and choose the sport you like the most. Even a short basketball game will allow you to abstract from the writing routine and start creating perfect papers again.


Now you see that sports can be your salvation if your writing talents have left you for a while. Try not to panic and choose one of the above sports. Alternatively, you can find other sports games that will allow you to enthusiastically spend your energy and return home with a desire to continue writing.

As a rule, physical activity is a good booster for your intellectual reserves. Do not be afraid to run, jump and participate in any competitions. All of the above sports will help you say no to writer’s block and stress.

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