“Toto thinks he knows what’s going on”: Horner blasts Wolff, says he should ‘mind his own business’

Toto Wolff had recently suggested that Red Bull building its own engine could pave the way for Volkswagen to enter the sport. However, Christian Horner has rubbished this claim, stating that Wolff always seems to know more about other people’s business.

The Milton Keynes outfit had announced the creation of Red Bull Powertrains, its own engine division.

The outfit means business especially after they managed to sign Ben Hodgkinson, a senior figure at Mercedes, to head the operation.

This strategy of Red Bull led Wolff to claim that they would link up with a Volkswagen brand like Porsche or Audi. But, Horner cleared the air and said no such talks are currently in progress.

“Toto always likes to think he knows what’s going on in other people’s business, but he needs to think about his own,” Horner told Sky Sports. “We’re building a fantastic facility, we’ve got some great talent coming into the facility.

“It’s going to be on campus, it’s going to be integrated fully with the chassis side of the business. We’ll be the only team other than Ferrari to have that. And of course what the engine is called is another matter.

“At the moment, there’s no discussions in place. It’s focused on being a Red Bull engine. But you know, of course, that engine could be called anything in the future, but to have it integrated fully into Milton Keynes is tremendously exciting.”

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