Toto Wolff compares Mercedes quitting Formula 1 with “aliens landing on Earth”

Mercedes have been a reigning champion in Formula 1 for a while now. It has become somewhat ‘normal’ for them to outclass their competition.

With seven championships in their hands, they are surely a force that one needs to watch out for.

However, team principal Toto Wolff has been busy all this while with driver lineups and team rumours floating across the paddock.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the driver lineup for the next season. As of now, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas both are yet to sign new deals. This increases the possibility of young drivers entering the team.

Additionally, there are rumours that Mercedes might simply call it quits from Formula 1. Toto Wolff shares the credibility of this rumour.

In an interview with, he said, “Every year we also hear rumours that aliens have landed on planet Earth. Let’s say that the certainties are that some aliens from the planet Mars have just landed here in Granollers (home of the Barcelona circuit) are the same as if Mercedes leaves Formula 1.”

This makes things clear that Mercedes are here to stay.

Will there be new drivers joining Mercedes?

Hamilton and Bottas are currently 36 and 31 years of age respectively and are approaching the twilight of their careers. Even though they have the best seats in Formula 1, this will not be the case forever.

Talking about the future, Wolff said that they are still evaluating new drivers.

“We always evaluate who might be behind the wheel of a Mercedes in the future. And since we have two Mercedes juniors, Esteban (Ocon) and George, we have to evaluate everything. I would add that we are also keeping an eye on other young guys who are emerging.” he said.

He also emphasised staying loyal to his current drivers.

”But having said that, today there are only two drivers driving a Mercedes and they are Valtteri and Lewis,” he concluded.

Hamilton might be renewing his contract next year. Could this mean the end of Bottas?

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