Toto Wolff could retire from Mercedes following a ‘spontaneous’ decision – “Someone else can carry the baton better”

After taking the decision to continue with Mercedes this season, Toto Wolff has revealed that he might move on ‘spontaneously’.

There have always been rumors that the team boss might step away from his responsibilities within the team. However, as he increased his presence with the team, the rumors fell silent.

On one hand, he decided to continue running the team, on the other, he also became an equal one-third shareholder in the team.

The other two shareholders are Daimler, and the team sponsors Ineos.

Wolff also revealed that even after he steps down from his role, he will continue to hold his 33% stake in the team.

What did Wolff say?

“I reflected for a year if I wanted to continue in this sport and I took the decision ‘yes’,” Wolff said to GP Fans Global.

“But the decision was not am I willing to continue to lead this team from an operational standpoint, but it was more do I want to stay involved as a shareholder?

“This means the team becomes me and I become the team long-term and this is the decision I took.

“We are three equal shareholders, we complement each other, and whatever I do in the team I’m staying in my role as a co-owner,” he explained.

Future of Mercedes?

Irrespective of his decision, Wolff is lined up to make the big announcement regarding the second seat with Mercedes for 2022.

The choice is between current driver Valtteri Bottas and Williams rookie George Russell. Regardless of who gets selected, Wolff also stated that both drivers will have great options for 2022.

The Austrian also added that when the day of his leaving comes, he will probably depart without warning. He also added that he will step down when he sees someone capable of filling his shoes.

“As long as I enjoy the competition and honesty of the stopwatch, I will continue,” he said.

“But I may decide spontaneously that someone else can carry the baton better – be quicker, more agile, refreshed than me – but not yet,” he concluded.

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