The British Grand Prix was home to the biggest outburst of rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen who collided on track.

In previous races, both drivers tried their best to avoid collisions. However, the race in Silverstone was where they both went all out.

This led to Max crashing out, thus ending his race.

Hamilton, despite a 10-second time penalty, went on to win the race. This attracted widespread criticism for his role in the accident and his theatrical celebrations.

Some fans even wondered if the collision was done on purpose by the Brit.

Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff has confirmed that the accident was in no way done on purpose.

A look at Hamilton’s statistics

The highlight of the current season is the rivalry between Max and Lewis. Even though the Dutchman has managed to stay much ahead of the Brit, the gap between the two drivers is just 8 points.

While Hamilton is chasing rather than leading, his experience in the sport is an added advantage.

Hamilton currently has 99 race wins in his bag, something that was pointed out by Wolff.

As a result, Wolff stated that there is no reason for Hamilton to try and want to prove a point.

“I think he’s much beyond proving a point. He is a 99-time race winner and seven-time world champion. There is nothing Lewis Hamilton needs to prove to anybody anymore,” Wolff stated.

‘Long-term strategy is important’

The Austrian also pointed out that Hamilton has an advantage in his knowledge of racecraft and strategize in the long run.

“I think part of his [Hamilton’s] success is not only his racecraft but also his maturity. Long-term strategy is important in order to win championships because you need to score points,” Wolff stated

“It has come to a situation that ceding a track position has been part of the pattern of the last few races. This time neither of them conceded and it ended up in a heavy collision,” he concluded.

With the Hungarian Grand Prix set for this weekend, we can expect the rivalry between the two drivers to peak yet again.

Who will win the next race? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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