Toto Wolff gives personal example while advising youth bereft of long-term goal

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has advised the youth on following their dreams.

On International Youth Day, the Mercedes team and drivers reflected on their pasts, and sent messages to their younger selves. Wolff, on the other hand, chose to address the new generation in the present.

In a recorded video, Wolff advised the youth, saying, “Follow your passion, but don’t let yourself be put under pressure.

“Follow your way. Don’t be influenced by people that are not important for you. If you don’t have a passion, so be it.”

Wolff understands what it is like to be burdened with expectations, both from self and from external factors. Accordingly, he spoke about the weight of subjects, doing better than peers and pressure from social media, and called all of it “nonsense”. Wolff’s advice is based on his experience, and using it, he tried to connect with the youth.

“I didn’t have a passion until I found motor racing at the age of 20, 21. My passion for finance came 10 years later. I didn’t have a clue about it at all.

“So, just live your life. Try to take intelligent decisions, work on your studies or work hard if you’re in sports; but, no pressure. Life comes towards you. Doors will open. Be curious. Have your eyes wide open. Ask questions,” he concluded.

Rags to riches

Wolff is an inspiration to many people, given he is one of the most inspiring success stories in F1 history. However, he started off with a bad hand, and had little to show when it came to money and other opportunities. He battled his way to where he is today, and has struggled at various points to get to the top.

Wolff had to drop out of school because his family had no money. He then resorted to selling candles at protests and filling in as a mascot at an electric shop. He then managed to start a small tech company.

Through his hard work, his company got to establish a deal with HWA AG, the company that is closely associated with Mercedes-AMG. It was his big break, so to speak, and the rest is history. History is what he created and helped achieve, as he oversaw the German team win seven constructor’s championships on the bounce.

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