Toto Wolff likens Mercedes debriefs to those of Williams

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has likened Mercedes debriefs to those of Williams, saying hearing them, you would think they are the latter team.

Mercedes is at its weakest as the season approaches its seventh race. Mathematically, they are still placed second in the Constructors Championship, so it isn’t that bad. But, this is not a position they are familiar with being in and will look to overtake rivals Red Bull.

Wolff recently highlighted the attitude and self-belief in the Mercedes camp. He talked about the team’s desire to improve, even if they have secured a one-two and orchestrated a perfect race.

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Speaking at ‘Leadership in Extraordinary Times’, an Oxford University talk, Wolff said, “When you listen to a debrief today after a weekend where we finish first and second, you would think this is Williams debriefing from a weekend on a tenth place.

“I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. It is just a culture that is always sceptical and we always believe we are not good enough and have to stay on our toes in order to maintain our success and that starts with sometimes going where it hurts.

“They say that if you don’t go there then you are not going to improve as an organisation and it needs to start with all of us leading the organisation,” he concluded.

Bouncing back

Those are great words of wisdom from the Mercedes boss. But Wolff may not have been exaggerating about the Williams bit.

With their recent results being far below their usual standards, Mercedes may be in full-blown recovery mode. After Monaco and Baku, the debriefs will have been longer and more detailed.

If they are to catch Red Bull, adjustments will be needed. They won’t be backing down from taking the fight to Red Bull, and will be gunning for them. We may have a championship battle in our hands, and it will be exciting to see.

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