Toto Wolff opens up on “mid-life crisis” and mental health issues before joining F1

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has opened up on his mid-life crisis and mental health issues before he joined F1.

Wolff’s journey in F1 has been remarkable, having started as a racing driver. Now he manages a top-tier team in the sport. He started his journey at Williams, and became an investor for Mercedes in 2013. A year later, he became Team Principal.

Since joining the three-pointed star, Wolff has had success accompany him like a shadow. Although he is an inspiration to many, it hasn’t always been sunshine and lollipops for him.

Toto Wolff finally faces press after Baku practice | PlanetF1
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Ahead of the French GP, Wolff opened up on his F1 experiences and addressed his struggles. He also talked about his mid-life crisis before he joined the sport.

“When I see people that have, let’s say, more visible roles, you tend to think they are happy and have everything in their lives, good relationships, money and success,” the 49-year-old said.

“The truth is, that is not a universal rule. Before I joined F1, I had a real mid-life crisis. I didn’t know whether I should stay in finance or whether I should do something else and I found myself at the Monaco Grand Prix, by sheer coincidence.”

Silver lining

Wolff said that despite his success, he still struggles in life. He praised the efforts of his team to add some colour to his life every time he did.

“Like many other people, I struggle from mental health issues and I have a great team. This is not a universal ‘I am pathologically ill’,” he said.

“It is more that I acknowledge that all the best people I have worked with, they have down time and if they have a great group around them, the group will carry the ball,” the Austrian concluded.

Wolff’s statements are lovely to hear, and they show the camaraderie within the Mercedes team. It is a strong recipe for success, and he has deservedly enjoyed it. It also goes to show that like any of us, he is also human and faces his fair share of struggles.

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