Toto Wolff takes another dig at Red Bull – “Unfortunately, they try to polarise fans and escalate issues”

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has taken a dig at Red Bull again.

The intense rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull is taking no prisoners. It is so intense that personal relationships are getting fractured, and it is bordering on toxicity. Case in point, Wolff and his counterpart Christian Horner.

With mental games, heated arguments, sarcastic taunts and anything and everything being a part of this, the rivalry has escalated to new and ridiculous levels. Wolff has recently promised that he wouldn’t let Horner’s comments get to him. However, that hasn’t stopped him from taking a dig at Red Bull again.

In an interview with, Wolff detailed how the rivalry has fractured many things, but he respects Red Bull enough. This was before he took a dig at the Milton-Keynes outfit.

I'd keep my mouth shut"– Christian Horner warns Toto Wolff may expose  Mercedes while outcrying against Red Bull on flexi-wings | The SportsRush
Wolff (right) and Christian Horner (left) have no love lost between them. Source: the

“Just because certain individuals don’t get along, it doesn’t mean you don’t respect the other side and the people who work there, who are trying to do their job the best they can to make their own dreams come true and overcome their own concerns,” Wolff said.

“There’s always respect for these organisations, and for the people in the organizations, and for the people on the teams.”

No love lost

Wolff asserted, however, that the relationship between his team and Red Bull wasn’t the best even before they started competing.

“The relationship was never brilliant, and that’s because of the pure competition we have,” Wolff said.

“But I would say that in the war of words we tried to keep a cool head, stay level-headed and not stir up more controversy and polarization among our fans. The goal was always to de-escalate. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening on the other side,” Wolff concluded, with his poker face veiling his dig.

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