Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, seems to have adjusted to a predictable division of labor between his two drivers.

While Lewis Hamilton fights for the title, his teammate Valtteri Bottas has to make do with just being a supportive partner.

According to Russian Formula 1 commentator, Alexey Popov, Wolff seems to stick to this and even shows double standards towards his drivers.

Popov points out the difference between how Hamilton and Bottas are treated by mentioning two examples – Bottas’ pitstop fail in Monaco and Hamilton’s blocked brakes in Baku.

Toto Wolff; Source:

What did Popov say?

“After Monaco, the first thing he (Wolff) said was that because Bottas didn’t line up right, the mechanics couldn’t get the wheel off in the pitstop,” he said.

“Then it turned out that he had lined up better than almost everyone else.”

“That alone isn’t so bad, but it seems that when Hamilton makes a mistake, Toto says ‘no, no, he accidentally flicked a switch’ and ‘it wasn’t a mistake because he was forced to by Perez’”, the Russian argues.

Situation at Mercedes more like a joke

Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff, and Valtteri Bottas; Source:

Popov also mentions that due to this difference between the ways the two drivers are treated, the situation is almost comical in a way (except for Bottas).

“Honestly, everyone has started to laugh at this,” the Russian insists. 

“Not Bottas, of course, because he feels more and more like an outcast at the team. Whatever he does, it’s his fault. If something goes well for him, it’s thanks to the team,” he concluded.

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  1. That last comment do you know much bout f1 of course they are going to look after there num1 driver 7 time champ faster driver genius behind wheel and as part owner do you think wolff is going to back someone whos slow over the faster driver and not a team player f1 has always been like that bring on the 8th championship lewis


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