“Training definitely not the same”: Bareman reveals Adesanya state following Vake assault

Eugene Bareman, head coach of City Kickboxing, has disclosed how Fau Vake‘s current condition has affected Israel Adesanya‘s training camp.

Vake, a promising MMA fighter and Adesanya’s teammate, is in a serious condition after being assaulted in Auckland, New Zealand. Adesanya himself has been the victim of a similar assault in the past.

‘The Last Stylebender’ has stood by his friend’s side as uncertainty about his future rises.

Bareman addresses issue

Adesanya is currently preparing to defend his UFC middleweight title against Marvin Vettori for the second time at UFC 263.

Bareman discussed how the tragedy is affecting both Adesanya and Brad Riddell.

In a recent interview, Bareman said, “Yeah, very difficult [to stay focused on the fight camp]. But, one of the great benefits of exercise and training and coming into the gym is that for a brief moment, we can leave some of our problems in our life at the door and pick them up again when we leave.

“We’re kind of using that to our advantage as best as we can, training definitely isn’t the same, there’s a cloud that hangs over us, but at least we’re able to get in here and briefly take our minds off it while we’re putting our full concentrated effort into something else.

“Like I said, this isn’t ideal circumstances to train under, but we’ve just got to push forward.”

The Marvin Vettori war clearly means a lot to Adesanya and Bareman. But, the real focus here is ensuring that Vake receives the best possible care.

As time passes, the full extent of his injuries will become clear. However, Bareman has assured that Adesanya will put his best foot forward in Arizona.

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