“In terms of speed and fewest mistakes”– Ex F1 driver makes early call on best rookie of the season

The Bahrain Grand Prix was a special race for three drivers who made their debut at Formula 1 – Yuki Tsunoda, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Unfortunately, only Tsunoda had a successful outcome from the race as he managed to bag two points for his team with his Alpha Tauri.

This led several experts including Marc Surer to call him the best rookie this year. This was after his performance and determination blew everyone’s socks off.

On the other hand, Mazepin’s race ended during the first few minutes of the start while Schumacher was at the end of the ladder.

“Tsunoda has the much better car,” said Surer.

“On the other hand, I think the Haas is a bad car. It already was last year, and it hasn’t got any better. They still have more power than last year. That means there’s more demand for the rear axle.

“Having to cope with such a poor car, that already gets the two drivers into trouble, as you saw. But in terms of speed and also in terms of mistakes, you have to say Tsunoda is the [best] rookie.”

Mazepin was already an infamous personality but gained more popularity among fans after his spin on the tracks. Many ended up calling him ‘Mazespin’ due to his unfortunate accident. Surer believes that the pair is expected to struggle further.

“The cars today have the torque that doesn’t come on abruptly now,” he said.

“But it’s simply 1,000hp on the rear axle, with a 700-kilo car. That’s pure power, and it’s like a dragster.

“If you’re still on the kerb with one side, the car warps and then you spin.

“When you accelerate out of a tight corner, you need all the available power. And the [hybrid system] is programmed so that full power comes then.

“It doesn’t always come – less after a fast corner. They can divide that up nicely all the way around. When the full power comes, and the tyres are still a bit cold, or one wheel is on the kerb, that’s when it happens.

“That’s too much power for the rear axle. You have to apply the throttle in moderation. But these are the finer points a young driver still has to learn.”

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