Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer has recently revealed his hopes to see their outfit stand out a little more on the grid.

The outfit has often been termed as the most eye-catching brand in F1. This was back during its days as Force India and Racing Point when the cars were pink.

However, with the current season and the name rebranding, Aston Martin adopted a green livery that fails to stand out much on the racetrack.

What did Szafnauer say?

“Ferrari is red, Aston will be green,” the team boss began.

“Let’s consider a different shade for 2022. Of course, we will continue to appear in green. Aston Martin is traditionally green, and that’s how fans associate the racing cars.

“With a name like Aston Martin and Aston being green traditionally…I would think it will stay green,” Szafnauer added.

The primary reason for the team to stick with green is because of the history associated with the shade of British Racing Green.

What is British Racing Green?

Different countries are associated with specific colors – Red with Italy, Orange with the Netherlands, Orange-green with Ireland, and so on.

In addition to representing the culture of the country, they also make it easy to spot a car on the track.

Back in the day, racing was not allowed in the streets of Britain. As a result, the motorsport community turned to Ireland, a part of Britain.

The community coupled the green island with a green racing car and thus the green color for motorsport vehicles was born.

During the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup, various national representatives were assigned colors and Britain stuck with green.

Soon, car manufacturers from Britain began setting their racers in green. The list includes prominent names like Bently, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Lotus, and Aston Martin.

Aston Martin’s current season

So far this season, Sebastian Vettel brought home the outfit’s first podium of the season after an incredible P2 finish in Baku.

The German has been trying to push his limit to bring in points for the team.

Lance Stroll, despite a few accidents, has also been giving his best, but it is not good enough considering he has got only 14 points till now.

However, with time we can expect him to improve considering his untapped potential.

“I think the green color suits us, that’s for sure,” Szafnauer concluded.

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