Valtteri Bottas: An analysis of the various teams he could go to if replaced by George Russell

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has not had much luck during the 2021 season so far. And now there are rumors flying around that he might get replaced by George Russell.

Through this article, we try and understand which teams Bottas might find a new home in the event that he is replaced.

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Red Bull

With Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez giving a maxed-out performance in almost every race, there is less chance that the outfit will want to do away with them.

Even if they decide to replace Perez, the team has a pool of young drivers who they can approach. So Bottas getting a chance to drive for the team is very unlikely.

Possibility: 20%


The possibility of McLaren signing Bottas is as much as Mercedes signing Nikita Mazepin.

This is mainly because both McLaren drivers are currently signed up with long term contracts with the team.

Possibility: 10%


The possibility of Bottas driving for Ferrari are incredibly slim. With Charles Leclerc planning to continue long-term and Carlos Sainz locked in till the end of 2022, Bottas does not have a shot.

If one driver decides to call it quits, Ferrari will probably decide to go for Mick Schumacher.

Possibility: 10%


With little possibility of moving to Alpine, Bottas has a bit of a chance in this team.

Fernando Alonso has a contract till the end of 2022 but considering his age, he might end up retiring. Esteban Ocon, on the other hand, might just not continue as the outfit might be looking to sign Pierre Gasly.

Possibility: 40%

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is another team which is set till the end of 2022.

Lance Stroll, despite his father owning the team, has been putting on great performances and is expected to continue for a while.

Sebastian Vettel, after a jump in his performance, might want to stick around beyond 2022 leaving doors closed for Bottas.

Possibility: 20%

AlphaTauri, Haas, and Alfa Romeo

These three teams do not have their doors open for Bottas. AlphaTauri, in case of any spare seats, will choose their driver from the Red Bull driver pool.

Haas has already solidified their lineup for 2022 and just like Alfa Romeo, will choose fresh drivers from the Ferrari driver academy.

As a result, Bottas has no place in these teams.

Possibility: 20%


In the even Bottas loses his seat with Mercedes, his next best bet is Williams.

While the outfit has been driving consistently at the back of the pack, new regulations might provide some hope.

Moving to Williams might seem like a setback for the Finn. But it will give him a chance to prove his critics wrong.

Possibility: 70%

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