Valtteri Bottas keeps photos of 2 people he hates to stay motivated – “They pop up on my desktop”

Valtteri Bottas has had a tough time ever since he joined Mercedes, partnering with Lewis Hamilton.

After 2 DNFs in just five races, he sees the world title slowly slipping away especially with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton far up on the points list.

In an interview with, the Finn revealed that he has two people who serve as a ‘negative motivation’ for him. He also revealed vague details about one of them.

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What did Bottas say?

“I have one, actually inspired by the chats with Toto last year. I have one thing on my computer, a desktop picture, that is a motivation to me every time I open the computer,” he said.

“It’s not really a positive thing. It’s a negative thing that always reminds me to show them what I can do. I don’t carry a picture of Lewis or Max in my pocket.

“You could place a photo of that person in the calendar or on the desk, and every time there is a little lack of motivation, you look at these people.

‘It’s called enemy building’

Bottas also goes on to say that this type of ‘mental exercise’ is a lot more common than one can imagine.

“Everyone is free to do it. Of the people I work with, I keep seeing such photos pop out. It’s good. It’s called enemy building, and it’s a powerful psychological weapon.

“As for myself, I have two photos that I always carry with me and that are on my desktop. Neither of the two people has anything to do with Formula 1 or with racing altogether. It’s about business.”

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