Valtteri Bottas recalls race-ending pitstop horror in Monaco – “It is not our strongest point”

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas was doing well through the Monaco Grand Prix. However, a botched pitstop ended all his hopes of finishing the race.

Bottas, however, is not too worried as he claims that he could not have beaten Red Bull driver Max Verstappen even if things had gone to plan.

The Finn was disappointed with Mercedes’ performance in Monaco.

Bottas’ failed pitstop. Source:

What did Bottas say?

“The wheel nut that stuck shows a pattern of this season: the pit stops are not our strongest point,” Bottas said in an interview with AutoHebdo. 

“We can learn a lot from last weekend.”

Bottas also believes that even without the problems that he faced, he could not have beaten Verstappen.

“Max Verstappen was very difficult to beat even without pit stop problems, but second place was definitely possible. I wasn’t very lucky this weekend,” he continues.

Mercedes and Red Bull going head-to-head

However, the Finn does acknowledge the fact that the fight between Mercedes and Red Bull is intense at the moment.

“If we can beat them at the end of the season it means we have done better than them,” he said.

“The cars are more or less at the same level, so we have to get everything out of the team every weekend.

Red Bull takes the lead in Monaco. Source:

“In Monaco, Red Bull clearly did that better than us,” Bottas concluded.

Even though he has not won even a single race this season, Bottas is not too worried.

He is confident “That victory will come.”

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