Valtteri Bottas throws glove in anger after Monaco GP disaster

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas was clearly frustrated after his disaster at the Monaco GP.

He suffered a broken wheel nut and was forced to retire from the race. This was despite him being in the running for P1. With Hamilton pinned way at the back, Mercedes’ hopes were pinned on Bottas.

But it wasn’t meant to be for the Finn. In second position ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, Bottas went to pit, but never came out of it. This was because of a nut that didn’t come loose during his pit stop.

When Bottas stopped, it looked like the nut on his right front wheel was broken. Mercedes could not remove the rim, and choosing to drive on would have been race suicide. As for Bottas, he must have been really frustrated with himself, as evidenced by his post-retirement actions. After all, his bad luck had ruined his potential podium.

Bottas wheelnut still stuck on Mercedes car after pitstop issue
Valtteri Bottas endured a nightmare pit stop and retirement at Monaco. Source:

There weren’t many images or videos of what happened in the wake of Bottas’ retirement at Monaco. Now, a new clip has emerged that shows how frustrated Bottas really was. In it, one can see a very disappointed and visibly frustrated Bottas throwing away his glove after getting out of his car. It is a small thing, but it shows how angry he must have been at the proceedings.

Dark phase for Bottas

Bottas will look to end his patch of bad luck when F1 heads to Baku for the next race week. He has had an average season so far, and will look to bounce back. He has to step up for Mercedes and keep the points flowing for them to beat rivals Red Bull.

Individually, he has to do much better and be more consistent. A driver with the talent and the car he has will always look to rank high. As F1 heads to Azerbaijan, we will see whether Bottas puts his bad luck behind him or not.

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