Verstappen hopes to find ‘fight’ from Perez in countering Hamilton for world championship

Max Verstappen has had a productive start to the Formula 1 season with Red Bull Racing. He has failed to get out of the blocks early in terms of points to compete against Lewis Hamilton.

However, he has put pressure on the British driver right from the beginning this time.

Verstappen came in second during the first race of the season in Bahrain. However, he managed to come first in Imola despite Hamilton starting the race in pole position.

Hamilton managed to clock the fastest lap of the race in Imola and earned an additional point for that apart from the 18 he got owing to his final position.

This enabled him to stay at the top of the standings. But the difference between Verstappen and Hamilton is minimal and the tables can turn at any time.

Verstappen also hopes that his teammate Sergio Perez can help counter Hamilton by keeping up with him.

“I hope we can fight together against Mercedes,” he told Sky Sports F1

“Because that’s only going to make it harder for Mercedes. If you can put pressure on one car with two cars, it’s always going to be more complicated for that one car.”

Verstappen is completely focused on his team and on improving his performance.

“In the end, we just have to make sure we have the fastest car always and everywhere. That way we don’t have to worry about potential undercuts, we can just drive away from Mercedes.”

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