“Very, very different”: Sainz on where the biggest adjustment has come following Ferrari transition

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has talked about the difference between Ferrari and McLaren cars.

The ex-McLaren man left the Woking constructor after two years to join Ferrari. With his awareness of either camp, Sainz is a major factor in the F1 midfield battle between both teams.

Sainz has driven both cars, and feels they couldn’t be more different.

Ferrari studied Carlos Sainz over radio before signing | PlanetF1
Carlos Sainz (pictured) is adapting to life at Ferrari. Source: planetf1.com

During a press conference with teammate Charles LeClerc, he said, “That’s something that I do know, and I obviously share it with my team. And, exactly because of that, the cars are actually very, very different.”

“My driving style, and the way I turn in, the way I brake, the way I carry speed through corners, in different places and in different corner types is very different to last year,” he explained further.

Sainz just joined Ferrari, so he obviously knows the McLaren car better than his current one. However, he is enjoying the process of learning the Ferrari and adapting to it.

“I’m having to push myself to open my mind and adapt as a driver, and I actually find it really good fun,” he said.

“But, driving wise, and balance wise, doesn’t matter if it’s low speed, medium speed, high speed. They are completely different cars, and I’m having to change quite a lot, adapt.”

Making inroads

Sainz finished second in the first practice session in Monaco, so he will be happy with his progress.

He will look to pull off a great result during race day, and pull the rug from under his former employers. Ferrari, meanwhile, will hope both him and LeClerc will step up and do well.

This is the Italian outfit’s chance to jump their rivals in the standings. A masterclass from Sainz and LeClerc could just do the trick.

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