Veteran MMA coach Jose Campuzano found unresponsive and hospitalised after being brutally attacked

Jose Campuzano, a long-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA) instructor, was hospitalised on Monday morning after being brutally assaulted and badly beaten outside an El Paso bar.

Campuzano is said to have left the George Dieter bar after it closed and gone to the parking lot. He was attacked in the parking lot before he passed out.

According to Campuzano’s family, the MMA coach saw a group of men fighting and wanted to intervene to help two other victims who were being beaten up.

Jose just being the person he is, he tried to jump in to help and to stop this group of people who were attacking and rendering unconscious these other two victims that were also attacked that night and just jumped in to help. That’s who Jose is and unfortunately, he got attacked and bombarded by this group of people,” Campuzano’s cousin Gabriela said in an interview.

“He carries himself with discipline and respect. He’s not one to start fights. He’s a caring, loving person and he loves to help out his community,” Gabriela said.

Campuzano’s family also revealed some disturbing information about the attack. The trainer was “beaten and stomped on” until he was unconscious and no longer breathing. He was thankfully stabilised and transported to Del Sol Medical Center by first responders.

The group of men who assaulted Campuzano are yet to be identified by the police. Authorities assured his family that they will keep working until all of the perpetrators of the attack are identified.

Campuzano’s family also urged members of their group to come forward with any details that might lead to the assailants’ identification.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page for him. They said all proceeds will be used for his medical and recovery expenses.

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